What We Do?

We'll find the perfect podcast guest for you, so you can focus on your show instead of worrying about finding the right person.

Find Podcast Guest

  • Finding the ideal podcast guest speaker that has a good number of followers and has a great deal of interaction online & offline so we can leverage their following. 
  • We will let you check the podcast guest lists before sending them an  invitation.
  • Once approved, we will send email invitation or DM through LinkedIn, Twitter, FB and Instagram
  • Scheduling the guest and collecting their information (bio, headshot photo, etc).
  • Following-up with the guest to make sure they show up for the scheduled time of recording.
  • Send a thank you note, and inform the guest on the scheduled release date of the episode.

Be a Podcast Guest

  • As your podcast virtual assistant, we will find shows that are a good fit for you and that reach highly interested, engaged and targeted audiences. 
  • Personalized email. If the podcast host initially agrees for you to be on their show, I'll forward the email to you (This is where you decide if the show is a good fit for you, or not. But mostly it is very okay since we already know your goals and target shows)
  • We will handle the scheduling for you. All you need to do is prepare prior to the interview date.
  • After the interview is recorded, we will send a personalised thank you email.