Client's Feedback

"Jen has been great to work with. She is adaptable, reliable, and communicates with me on an ongoing basis so we know what is needed from us. I would highly recommend her to anybody that is looking for her services."
Jen was amazing to work with in helping me get featured on many podcasts in a relatively short time period. The entire experience was very easy and straightforward and I would highly recommend others work with her. I know I would love to work with her again when I start pushing to be on more podcasts!
“Jen has been a real gem in helping me with getting booked on podcasts. She does a great job and is a pleasure to work with. I definitely recommend the service that she provides.”
“Jergen is an absolute superstar! She worked so hard in the background pitching podcasts for me, which resulted in some phenomenal connections with other podcast hosts. I highly recommend Jergen to help get you in front of the right people"
“I cannot describe the weight that's been lifted off my shoulders simply by hiring Jergen.  was overwhelmed trying to identify the right podcasts and develop relationships with the hosts. It was time-consuming and difficult but once I hired Jergen, I found that her existing relationships and her expertise with pitch documents sped the process up exponentially. She is proactive, knowledgeable, professional, and reliable. I am having a wonderful experience, and I'm grateful for her service! I can't recommend her enough. Truly a treasure and a wizard of efficiency!”
“Jen has made a major impact on my business and my podcast. She pitches me as a guest on podcasts and live stream shows and is very successful at it. Since I started working with her, my brand awareness has gone through the roof. I've increased my client base by being heard on the podcasts they listen to, and my podcast listeners have grown from hearing me on someone else's pod, and then they find me on the Tiny Marketing Show pod. Her work is incredibly valuable to me. This has been a rambling mess of a review, but I'm just excited about her work!”
"Jergen has booked me on many podcasts over the last year. I highly recommend hiring her if you want to be featured on more podcasts and grow your business. She's an excellent communicator, very organized, and a pleasure to deal with. If you have the oppurtunity to hire Jergen (aka Jen) to book you on podcast, you'll definitely benefit!"
"Jergen has been an absolute superstar in helping me promote my business through podcasting. In the past year or so, she has secured well over 100 unique and popular podcast interviews for me. She is detailed in her outreach, careful to pitch me to the right shows, and meticulous in the follow up and customer service throughout. If you're looking to create organic traffic and reach for your business, I highly encourage you to give Jergen an opportunity to show you what's possible. --Adam C. "
"Jergen helped me get on so many podcasts! She was so diligent about outreach and always helped me figure out the scheduling details if needed. It was a huge load off my plate to not have to research, reach out, and schedule them"
"Jergen Villegas is one of the best podcast partners out there. She is super communicative, organized and efficient when scheduling us for podcast appearances. If you are looking for someone to produce results and get you booked on many podcasts, then Jergen Villegas is your answer!"
"I have had the pleasure of working with Jen for my podcast bookings, and I can confidently say that she excels at what she does. Jen has a remarkable ability to secure podcast opportunities that align perfectly with my business goals. Her efficiency and dedication make the entire process incredibly easy for me.

Jen goes above and beyond to ensure that I can save time on the booking process. She handles the coordination seamlessly, from the initial outreach to the follow-up, allowing me to focus on other aspects of my business. Her attention to detail and commitment to delivering results have significantly contributed to the growth of my business through podcast appearances.

I highly recommend Jen to anyone seeking a professional and effective podcast booking service. Her skills and proactive approach have enhanced my visibility and expanded my reach through podcast guesting."
"It was always a pleasure to work with Jergen! Service was fast, efficient and nice to work with"
Jergen was/is Amazing!! She was able to schedule 15 quality broadcast within 45 days. Her follow up with the Host and myself was excellent in all respects. I will be using Jergen in the future and promoting her services to my clients as well.
Amazing to work with! Great communication and highly skilled and finding great podcasts for me to be booked on. Highly recommend!
Jergen Villegas is one of the best podcast partners out there. She is super communicative, organized and efficient when scheduling us for podcast appearances. If you are looking for someone to produce results and get you booked on many podcasts, then Jergen Villegas is your answer!
“Jergen is my secret weapon when it comes to landing key podcast interviews which add immense value to my brand and my business. She is punctual, outstanding communicators, and her service is incredible. I love working with Jergen and look forward to shared success in the future.”
"Jergen is a top-notch virtual assistant. I consider her a blessing and am very grateful to have found her. She is a very valuable person on my team. Truly a gem! She is smart, reliable, and initiative"
"Jergen Villegas is super reliable, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with. She communicates clearly, and requires minimal to no supervision when working. Highly recommended."
“Before working with Jen, I would randomly find and pursue guest podcast opportunities on my own, without consistent effort. After working with Jen for only a couple of months, I've booked at least 10 guest interviews on amazing podcasts I would have never found on my own. Two of the hosts commented on her well-crafted pitch email. Admittedly, there's been a time or two when I've dropped the ball and she's been great about following up with me. She's organised and professional. I'm so grateful to have her on my team and highly recommend her services.”
"Jergen has been incredibly helpful professional and effective. She has helped me appear on dozens upon dozens of podcasts and my business has grown substantially as a result. It's a pleasure to work with you, Jergen!
"I worked with Jergen from April 2022 through about January 2023. She secured countless qualified podcasts for me as a happiness expert while I promoted my own daily happiness podcast. She was efficient, communicative and easy to work with. I would highly recommend her to others looking to get booked on podcasts"
"Working with Jergen was great! She's professional and prompt and she was able to book me on more shows in a few months than I had been able to book for myself over the last few years. Highly recommend!"
"Jergen was amazing & helped me get interviewed by more than 5 podcasts which turned into at least 40+ new qualified followers!"
"Such a powerful live podcast search engine! Jen does a great job of understanding what kind of podcasts align to your interests and what hosts will be a great fit for your style. She’s phenomenal at follow up and details. Highly recommend her skills for anyone looking to be a podcast guest. "
"Jergen is a total rock star! We've been working together for over a year and she keeps my calendar full with the perfect podcast opportunities every month. She takes the time to understand your ideal audience and targets the perfect hosts for you to interview with. I highly recommend her services to anyone who wants a steady stream of podcast speaking opportunities!"
"Jen is outstanding! I couldn't be more grateful for the opportunity to work with her. She has facilitated my appearance on dozens of podcasts which have allowed for great exposure for my website and the services I provide. You will be thankful you chose to work with Jen!"
Jen was incredible at her ability to professionally and efficiently get me and my business featured on multiple podcasts. I actually came across her because she reached out to get another entrepreneur onto my podcast. She was so professional and effective that I thought "I need her to do this for me". And she did. I have been featured in countless different podcast episodes which has done wonders for my business' SEO. If you are looking to add podcasting to your life or business and need help becoming a guest of finding guests, look no further. I can't recommend her enough!
Jergen was an absolute dream to work with for my book launch, she helped book me on over 25 podcasts, was so professional and easy to work with. I can't recommend her enough. I'm so grateful for her work and would advise anyone looking for more podcast exposure to work with her!